Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jail Deaths A Secret In Valdosta-Lowndes County Georgia




1994 – 2011


Valdosta Television, News Papers, Radio Stations and Elected Officials apparently DO NOT have access to this “TOP SECRET INFORMATION” on how many jail inmates have died in the Valdosta-Lowndes County Jail since 1994-2011. We have written documentation stating that our jail is “EXEMPT” from the “GEORGIA OPEN RECORDS ACT.”

So apparently citizens “DO NOT” have a right to know how many inmates have died. However had it been thirty cats or dogs that died; the South Georgia News Media would have gone into a frenzy providing coverage. Even CNN would probably come to South Georgia in contrast to their actions concerning the Quitman Ten alleged voting fraud case! Moreover it appears that only GOD, Jail Guards, and Former Jail inmates are the only ones entitled to access of what goes on in our jail.

Former inmates said; that some inmates that are sick or are injured while in the facility are released to local hospitals or sent home and some even die. (Without the number being added to the number of jail deaths). This cannot be confirmed but former inmates have a lot of information and says CITIZENS need is a real “FREE PRESS.”

How many Georgia Citizens have lost their love ones only to be ignored by GEORGIA GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS? Moreover since the passing of Owner and Editor of the LAKE PARK POST (Al Parson) there have been NO real cutting edge news concerning the Valdosta-Lowndes County Jail.

Inmates cannot read a local daily news paper and many of the inmates incarcerated are only there because they are TOO poor to pay their BOND! It is often mentioned on the streets; that jail deaths are “TOP SECRET.” But sooner or later; GOD has a way of bringing about healing to his poor and suffering children among the HUMAN FAMILY.

Lastly! There is no BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, BLACK, WHITE, RED, or any other color; that can “REMAIN SILENT” when the real “Law Man” arrives on earth! Galatians 6; 7.

By our silence we are helping to destroy our beloved nation and there will be no place for our children and grandchildren. All because we refused to stand up on behalf of those that cannot help themselves. But today we seem to be waiting for the false patriots and christians; to do for us; that which we are unwilling to do for ourselves; our own children and grandchildren! How Sad? But then again, who cares? Note: It is believed that at least 30 jail deaths has occurred since: 1994-2011


30 Jail Deaths by name:

Now how many more must die? While CITIZENS remain Silent as we lead The State of Georgia In Jail Deaths! Where are the RIGHTEOUS? It these men and women had been cats, dogs, or pet birds? You Decide!