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J. Deaths/Name: (1994-209) Valdosta, Lowndes County Jail

APPROXIMATELY 28 DEATHS Since (1994-2009)...

1. So how many more must die before some American citizen does something about these fellow human beings? Many of whom are American Military Veterans? Please watch the video entitled "A chorus of Fear Part 1, & 2")


1-[1994] Willard McFarland, (BLACK), age 63, 01 April 1994 CAUSE OF DEATH: Post-arrest hypoxi encephalopathy to cardiac dysrhythmia, due to cardiomegaly with left ventricular hypertrophy.

2-[1995] Willie Lee Gaye, (BLACK), age 39, died 23 October 1995: CAUSE OF DEATH: Chronic Ethanolism

3-[1996] James N. Starling, (WHITE), age 63, died 1 May 1996: CAUSE OF DEATH: Coronary atherosclerotic disease

4-[1998] Willie James Williams, (BLACK), age 49, died 2 September 1998: CAUSE OF DEATH: Subdural Hemotoma

5-[2000] Ronzie Sonny Graham, (BLACK), age 48, died 13 July 2000: CAUSE OF DEATH: Unknown

6-[2001] Rosemary King, (NOT PROVIDED), Age 40, died 20 July 2001: CAUSE OF DEATH: High Blood Pressure Hyper Tension

7-[2002] Richard William Oakley, (WHITE), age 27, died April 2002: CAUSE OF DEATH: Suicide/Hanging

8-[2002] Sandra J. Wallace, (BLACK), age 39, died 31 August 2002: CAUSE OF DEATH: Complications of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

9-[2003] Lisa Sanders, (BLACK), age 38, died 2003: CAUSE OF DEATH: Natural Cause

10-[2004] John Henry Dejonghe, (WHITE), age 49, died 21 June 2004: CAUSE OF DEATH: Seizure disorder in a background of chronic ethanolism

11-[2005] Amaruy Quinones, (HISPANIC), age 34, died 2 September 2005: CAUSE OF DEATH: Self Induced Starvation

12-[2006] Esavious Wright, (BLACK), age 29, died, 16 February 2006: CAUSE OF DEATH: Heart Attack

13- Bobby Stanford, (BLACK), age 55, died 23 March 2006: CAUSE OF DEATH: Aneurysm of Aorta

14-[2006] Clarence Fender, (WHITE), age 70, died 2 April 2006: CAUSE OF DEATH: Heart Attack

15. [2006] George Hill Jr., age 21, (BLACK), died 23 June 2006: CAUSE OF DEATH: Heart Attack

16. [ ] NAME WITHHELD, (CJ), REQUEST OF FAMILY: C. Y. (BLACK FEMALE), but available XXXXXXXXX on request, SUICIDE, YEARS EARLIER. (Identified when Georgia State President (Edward Dubose), visited the Valdosta-Lowndes County (Inmate Hill death above) Press Conference held July 5, 2006 at l:00pm.

17. [ ] NAME WITHHELD, REQUEST OF FAMILY. (BLACK MALE), but available _________, died in hospital local pastor can verify. He went to this inmate rescue but he died in the hospital. (Not posted at families request)

18.[ ] NAME WITHHELD: REQUEST OF FAMILY: Jo. McF. But a local citizen brought this person to the attention of the Local NAACP. Pastor's name known who visited him but WITHHELD.

19. [ ] NAME WITHHELD: REQUEST OF FAMILY: (Black Male), Died March 2008, But waiting to see if local media TV-Stations and Newspaper will publish this inmates name and other information whatever reasons.

20. [2008] JOEL SMITH, Age 20, died March 2008, (Tuesday), cause of death, suicide by hanging early Wednesday Morning (Capt J.D. Yeager of the Sheriffs Department. Charged with forgery among other violations).

21. [ ] MICHAEL WAYNE DIXON, Age 39, died _________, cause of death, suicide, found hanging from his cell, (arrested for armed robbery, aggravated assault and attempting to loot), Arrested on May 13, 2008.

22.[ ] NAME WITHHELD, REQUEST OF FAMILY: G.J. (BLACK MALE), died February 2009, waiting local TV-Stations and Newspaper to publish and do their story. Citizens can only ask why these human beings names are not being published to the general public.

SPECIAL NOTE: On May 5, 2005 WHEN fifteen local citizens were arrested by Valdosta City Officials and confined in the Lowndes County Jail for addressing their elected officials. That inmates informed us of six alleged other deaths not on this list. However, because we cannot verify them we have omitted their names but feel sure they are correct. (They believe they were sent home and to the hospital to later die instead of dying in the jail).

23. [ ] Check With Sheriffs Depart, News Media Whiteout, and South Georgia Medical, former inmates and jail medical facility.

24. [ ] Check With Sheriffs Depart, News Media Whiteout, and South Georgia Medical, former inmates and jail medical facility.

25. [ ] Check With Sheriffs Depart, News Media Whiteout, and South Georgia Medical, former inmates and jail medical facility.

26. [ ] Check With Sheriffs Depart, News Media Whiteout, and South Georgia Medical, former inmates, and jail medical facility.

27. [ ] Check With Sheriffs Depart, News Media Whiteout machine, and South Georgia Medical, former Inmates, and Jail Medical Facility,

28. [2009Nathaniel Sloan, Age 42, DIED SEPTEMBER 26, 2009, Medical Facility, arrested July 13, 2009, Burglary by Valdosta Police Department, presented himself to the medical facility with a fever, had been isolated since the previous day, was on medication, nurse checked on him at 1:48 am, appeared to be doing fine, 30 minutes later Nurse came he was NOT BREATHING PROPERLY. Nurse called the EMTs.


We must look at the Jail Medical staff, Inmates themselves who keep returning to the Jail, Pastors, Politicians, Citizens and ourselves for what appears to be crimes against humanity.

Then there is U.S. District Court Judge Hugh Lawson of the Middle District of Georgia that identified nearly 105 violations in the jail, back in 1997, from a law suit from sever former inmates.

In 1997, The Honorable Judge Lawson rendered a decree in Civil Action #89-54-VAL. But no one seems to have followed up on HIS decree--and it expired, without action ever being taken. How sad?

Most Americans believes that the general public have a right to know the citizens who perish in their tax paid facility, and that inmates should live to have their day in court. But it seems that our local television stations and newspapers make a special effort NOT to report the deaths that occur in our jail. Local citizen can only ask why?

Moreover inmates insist that fellow inmates are either sent home, or released to the hospital to die. While local news media ignore many of these deaths. Family members claim that they do not get proper medical treatment. While we cannot verify this but there are many letters and official statements in local civil rights archives to this fact. This information is always available for review and to be used for a valid investigation from an outside agency.

There will never be a valid investigation unless someone comes in from outside the state of Georgia and investigate these deaths, the medical facility and type treatment given.  We have proven time and time again that local television, and newspapers failed to report important news to the general public. That inaccurate and false reporting was done concerning several issues concerning the remaining Barber Park, death of Willie James Williams, problems at Polling place and racial threats received and who was the alleged victims of such threats among others.

The citizens must hold their elected officials, news media outlets, scared family members, pastors, friends, nurses among others, accountable for being human being and caring for someone outside of themselves.

Names above were provided from the Valdosta Daily Times, Local Television Stations, Websites, The Lake Park Post, Inmates calls, and letters from the jailed, inmates family members, love ones, friends, public records, Law Enforcement Officers who care, and from the Lowndes County Sheriffs Departments own records provided to Edward Dubois (Georgia State President of the NAACP).

On May 5, 2005, inmates gladly gave their names and talked about other deaths that never reached the general public.  Moreover as we review the above list and feel the pain of these inmates family members and love ones. We must NOT, forget the VICTIMS, and our most highly respected and members of Law Enforcement, Judges, civil rights organizations, Attorneys, and ordinary citizens who suffered because of criminals who need to be behind bars.

All Civil and Human Rights Organizations agree. That if they (Inmates), do the crime then they must certainly do the time, and pay their debt to society. Again, we must remember that it is mostly the "INNOCENT" who suffers the most when criminal acts are committed.

SO, to all families who have been victims of crime, or lost a love one to crime.  We send our condolences, well wishes and prayers out to you and your love ones.   bless, and keep you forever under the shadow of his wings. I trust, and believe fully, that Galatians 6:7 is sometimes the only hope, a loving people have for their fellow human beings, on this planet. Peace!

Copy and Paste: See Video: “A chorus of fear” (Willie James Williams), Death in September 1998.





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Nathaniel Sloan, Age 42....Jail Death Sept. 26, 2009

INFO TAKEN FROM VDT, Kay Harris Reporter, September 28, 2008

28 Jail Deaths: 1994-Sept. 2009:

Jailed Inmate Nathaniel Sloan, Age 42, was pronounced dead early Saturday Morning on September 26, 2009 in the Valdosta-Lowndes County Jail in the Medical facility.

1. Inmate Sloan had been arrested on July 13, 2009 on charges of burglary by the Valdosta Police Department, Sloan had presented himself to the medical facility with a fever, gad been isolated since the previous day, he was on medication.

2. The nurse had checked on him at 1:48 a.m. and he appeared to be doing fine, nurse came back to check on him 30 minutes later, he was not breathing properly, Nurse called the EMTs.

3. Sheriff Prine said Watson said he believed the death was due to “natural causes”, body will be going to Atlanta for an autopsy and results should be back in a day or two.

4. Sloan was examined and there was no trauma to the body according to
edical records, he had been through the dispensary several times, on September 13, and again on the 17th, with cold symptoms and a fever.

5. On September 25th he came back and he was being treated in the facility at the time of his death.

General Information: Watson said. Prine said Sloan lived with his grandmother, Bertha Phillips, in Valdosta and she was notified in person early Saturday morning. He also spoke with Sloan’s mother, Dorothy Sloan Hoffman, in Savannah, and his father, Jimmy Sloan, in Ocala, Fla.

“My sympathy goes out to this family. I did all I could to make sure that I tracked his family down to speak with them personally, and I’m sorry for their loss, ” Prine said.

The sheriff said there is no reason at this time to believe that Sloan had any sort of contagious flu or disease that could be spread to other inmates at the jail.

Retired United States Armed Forces
A concerned citizen and brother of humanity


THE VIDEO PART II. A Chorus of Fear (PART 2)